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These Terms and Conditions of Business are between international-hotel-jobs.com and the employer.

The fee inclusive of VAT - payable to international-hotel-jobs.com for placing staff is due for settlement by the employer within seven days of the invoice date, failing this hotel-jobs-scotland.com will be entitled to charge interest at the current bank base rate on any amount outstanding.

If the employee is accepted for employment then a fee will be incurred. Fees may vary depending on the level of experience and expertise required for the position.

100% of the fee due to international-hotel-jobs.com by the employer for the placement of permanent staff is payable upon completion of a 1 week probationary period by the candidate introduced by international-hotel-jobs.com to the employer. If for any reason the employee leaves the employment of the employer prior the completion of the initial one-week probationary period an administration fee will be charged to the employee. Should an employee leave the employment of the employer after a week and before 6 weeks of employment, the fee charged will be reduced according to length of employment. 20% of the fee will be charged if the employee leaves in the second week, 40% in the third week, 60% in the fourth week, 80% in the fifth or the sixth week.

Hotel-jobs-scotland.com acts as an agency introducing suitable employees for positions offered by the employer however; the employers must satisfy themselves that the employee has the necessary skills to perform their duties. It is recommended that the employer take up any references provided to them, prior to offering any employment.

If any person is introduced by international-hotel-jobs.com and employed within any capacity within three months of initial introduction, then the fee is payable.

The employer agrees:

  • 1.To notify international-hotel-jobs.com immediately a potential employee accepts an offer of employment.
  • 2. To notify international-hotel-jobs.com of any change in circumstances that may result in a change of fee.
  • 3.To pay all fees to international-hotel-jobs.com immediately they become due for payment.
  • 4.To pay the employees the agreed wage, and make necessary deductions for Income Tax and National Insurance as required by law.


international-hotel-jobs.com also takes no responsibility for any loss, inconvenience, expense damage or delay arising from any failure of the staff due to negligence, dishonesty, and misconduct.