Personalised Recruitment Print

International Hotel Jobs can personalise your recruitment by arranging recruitment trips for face to face interviews for your company to any of the European Countries, so far we have organised trips for Hilton UK, Holiday Inns, Skibo Castle and Gleneagles. This has taken us to South Africa, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and West Germany. So far we have done about 15 trips in the past 4 years, the largest one was in Budapest where we presented over 150 staff for interviews on behalf of a National UK Hotel chain.

We recruited some very high calibre staff on these trips, we make all of the hotel arrangements, advise of the best flights, arrange meeting rooms for the interviews. After interviews we liaise with our partner agencies to ensure the staff can travel within the shortest time possible.

We ask what your requirements are in terms of departmental recruitment, time scales, salary levels and other benefits. Having received this information we then try and find out which country can best provide the staff required within the time scales set.

We normally ask for two months lead time to arrange the staff for the face to face interviews, they will be asked to attend interviews with our clients, after the interviews , we then follow this up with job offers to the successful candidates.

We arrange flights to the closest point to place of employment and if accomodation is not provided by the employer , we will use a local letting agency to find accomodation on their behalf.

This type of recruitment is suitable for large companies wanting to recruit staff when there are local shortages or for individual hotels who want to source the right staff by using face to face interviews rather than using advise based on a CV.

All you have to do is contact GEORGE CHALMERS who is the main contact for this type of recruitment.